Don't waste - donate - your old stuff today

Each year, a staggering amount of clothing and household appliances are thrown away by people who no longer have use for them. Instead of simply giving the boot to old possessions, why not donate these items to the less fortunate and allow them to benefit from your charity? The move will allow you to help others and do your part for the green movement.

Year after year, people toss out their clothing for one reason or another - whether it's because of growing into a different size or developing different tastes, there are many reasons for people to throw their attire into the garbage bin. Regardless of why you no longer want an item, consider embracing the concept of recycling donations and do some good for the world.

Organizations like Big Brother Big Sister and the Salvation Army will take these items off of your hands and give them to a family who really needs it. Another great non-profit designed solely to help the less fortunate is SolesforSouls, which collects gently-used shoes and gives them to those who cannot afford a new pair of their own. These groups are especially useful for parents with young children who are constantly growing and continually in need of new clothing. Whether it be shirts, pants, accessories or shoes, these organizations usually take nearly anything you're willing to give.

Donating old household appliances is also a great way to help others and to protect the environment. There are a bevy of organizations out there designed to handle old appliances and electronics, each of which will make sure a family in need receives them. Some of the most popular include EcoSquid and My Green Electronics - these groups will provide you with information on local programs designed to recycle and donate unwanted items.

Keep the environment happy and help those who are less fortunate at the same time - donate old clothes and appliances instead of simply throwing them away.