Help save the environment - donate old cell phones today

In an age where most cell phones become outdated within a few months of purchase, it should come as no surprise that there are a plethora of previously used devices that wind up getting thrown away each year. While this trend clearly benefits those who manufacture and sell the phones, it definitely does nothing wonderful for the environment.

Cell phones that get thrown away eventually become buried deep in landfills, and as non-biodegradable products with harmful chemicals in their batteries, this means bad news for the ecosystem of the surrounding area. So how can you prevent this? It's simple - by recycling your old phones.

Recycling programs exist all around the country that make getting rid of your old phone easy. All of the major U.S. phone retailers offer some sort of drop-off service that allows you to dispose of your phone in an ecologically friendly way. In addition to that warm feeling you'll get inside knowing that you did something good, many retailers will also give you a credit towards a new phone as well!

These programs serve a number of different purposes in addition to recycling. Options are available that allow you to either donate your unwanted device to a person in need or sell it at a discount. Numerous charities around the country are already equipped to handle cell phone donations, with more and more adapting to the trend every day.

Cell phone donation is an excellent alternative to simply throwing an old device in the trash - not only will you help Mother Nature, but you can also give a little boost to a person in need as well!