Recycling regulation in New York is "aggressive"

E-World Online has announced a take-back program with the city of New York, which the national provider of electronics recycling has called "the nation's most aggressive" in terms of electronic waste recycling regulation.

"Our turnkey service caters to all involved, from the recyclers and manufacturers to the collectors and consumers, and is based on the highest environmental standards. Our MITS [Manufacturer Interstate Take-Back System] program allows OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] to easily fulfill their responsibilities to the state while providing consumers with convenient ways to recycle their old electronics."

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling has multiple benefits including the expansion of American jobs in the manufacturing industry. Recycling also lowers energy, greenhouse gas emissions and the use of resources such as water and timber.

E-World Online has made deals with numerous recycling companies in New York, such as Eco International, PK Metals and Goodpoint Recycling. It also works with manufacturers such as Sony Electronics and ViewSonic.

The key for effective recycling is to have people recycle often and consistently.

E-World has stationed more than 200 collection points in New York municipalities. There are approximately 10,000 people living in the region, according to the recycling company.

New York City itself has a website dedicated to promoting recycling efforts. The official website offers information concerning requirements for schools, residences and institutions.

There is even a video - called "How to Recycle in NYC" - aimed at education and general information.

Paper, cardboard, autumn leaves, as well as bottles and metal cans are considered "mandated materials" that must be recycled. Parents should encourage their children to practice recycling habits in school and at home, and adults can set an example by recycling bottles and household goods on a regular basis.