Benefits of recycling include jobs and trees

Most people know that they should recycle. It's common knowledge that recycling is good for the environment and good for the future of Planet Earth. However, recycling is still something that many people and households need to bring on-board as a daily and regular activity, not just for its environmental benefits but for its job-creation and money-saving benefits as well.

According to, recycling is responsible for the creation of about 1.1 million American jobs. In a time when global shifts in power, economics and trade are leading to anxieties about job security in the United States, many people would not have thought that an activity such as recycling would have an impact on job creation. However, this is exactly what organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency promote as well.

Private sector jobs are helped by the process of recycling. According to Recycling Revolution, four jobs are created through recycling every time one job is created in waste management.

New York City is one of the leading proponents of recycling, a city-wide effort which can save upwards of $20 million.

In addition, we have all heard about the benefits of recycling paper when it comes to saving trees from being cut down. According to the National Recycling Coalition, 17 trees are saved with every ton of paper that is recycled.

Parents should emphasize to their children that recycling takes a fraction of the time that people spend thinking about ways that they can make a difference in the world. Having two disposal cans at home - one for recycling - is a must for every household interested in contributing to recycling.