Tips for recycling old television sets

Flat screens are becoming thinner and thinner, while some people are opting to watch movies on their laptop computers or large Mac monitors. Where does that leave the old, bulky television set that looks and feels outdated? The best way to put your old unused television set to good use is to donate it. However, there are several things to keep in mind before recycling one's old TV set, not the least of which is the recent switch from analog televisions to digital broadcasting, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Many people used to take their unwanted television sets to a local charity or donation center. However, the EPA recommends that people contact the charity beforehand and make sure that they still accept analog TV sets.

There are also retail companies that still take electronics such as TV sets. Best Buy, for example, even gives customers $10 back for any television - of any brand - with a screen of up to 32 inches. What better way to get rid of an unused item, recycle as well as earn some extra cash than to bring in an old TV?

LG Electronics also has a waste management program that takes in old TVs, as does Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

The responsibility is really up to the consumer and shopper, to be both environmentally-conscious and a smart shopper.

If these incentives are not enough to get one moving to the nearest recycling center or retail store, think about the number of jobs that recycling saves and the impact that it has on the economy as well. According to the EPA, recycling not only creates jobs in the manufacturing and waste management industries, but it also contributes to overall economic competitiveness in the United States.