Ways that a household can "Reuse" and Recycle!

The second part of the famous recycling saying - "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" - is extremely easy to do and something that parents, children and really any eco-conscious citizen should be aware. Recycling is not a burden of extra responsibilities, nor is it any more time consuming than the average game on one's new iPhone. Speaking of iPhones, cellphones can be "reused" and given back to retailers or manufacturers, thus providing an example of one way to be a smart "Reuser."

There are many other ways to reuse items throughout the house. The National Institutes of Health provides many items in a list of things that one can teach one's children to reuse. "Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure!" says the NIH. Thus is the underlying principle behind the concept of "reusing." The smallest deeds can lead to the greatest consummate effect, when everyone participates in the effort to save the environment and ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

One can start small, if the process of recycling is a new habit that one is trying to build. Start by reusing cups and mugs, even if they are made out of plastic. The NIH recommends bringing travel mugs or portable cups even to restaurants that may otherwise serve plastic or paper throw-away cups. Many restaurant servers would be happy to fill up your own personal mug rather than a throw-away cup.

Another thing that families can do is to use reusable towels or even baby diapers, instead of paper towels or disposable diapers. One can wash the napkins after they are used, instead of having a mountain of discarded paper or plastic products, thus helping to reduce the overall level of materials used. Waste management is something that everyone can participate in.