Common household items that many people forget to recycle

Being an eco-conscious person is not the easiest thing to do, but keeping track of what you throw out can improve your waste habits. There are myriad examples of materials that are discarded instead of being recycled, and these products are simply piling up in landfills. While recycling may seem like a chore, if you create a streamlined system, you can ensure that nothing goes to waste in your household. Here are a few common items that may end up in the trash can, when they should be in the recycling bin.

Cardboard is one of the most common pieces of household material that ends up in landfills. While many homeowners take care of larger boxes, it's the smaller ones including the back of packaging, the inside of paper towel rolls and cereal boxes that are much easier to put in the trash then to dispose of properly. Section off an area of your garage or basement to collect all of your used cardboard. Once you've amassed about a month's worth, flatten it and tie it up with twine so that it can be reused instead of littering the landscape.

Plastic is another material that doesn't belong anywhere near a wastepaper basket. The easy way to solve this is to keep a small bin or a large blue recycling bag in a corner of your house so that nothing goes to waste. Place anything from plastic bags, used water bottles and plastic packaging into a recycling bag to ensure that it goes to the right place.

Recycling is easy when you make it easier on yourself, so design your own system to limit your waste and create a more sustainable household.