Recycling bins becoming at common sight at highway rest stops

The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) has received a $19,000 grant from the state to install a slew of recycling bins and other receptacles to encourage travelers to put their plastic, newspapers and other trash where it belongs. The initiative is a pilot program that the federal government hopes to spread to other states, so that recyclable materials do not continue to build up in our nation's landfills, according to Iowa's WOI-TV.

People that are on the road normally stop to pick up lunch, some water bottles and other supplies, and when they're spent they sometimes end up in a trash can in one big pile. The new program will urge travelers to practice caution and think about where their rubbish ends up.

"Why not? It's not hurting you. It's helping the environment and it makes you feel good," Jordan Smith, a traveler in the midst of a cross-country move, told the news source.

Recyclable material at rest stops has been a burden on the people that staff the facilities, and they welcome the change to streamline their waste disposal. Based on the results of the year-long program, the state will decide whether to contribute additional funds to expand the recycling program. Let's hope that people get the message and will begin putting things in the right receptacles.

Some common items that may build up on your road trip are plastic bottles, periodicals, food wrappers and other waste. By taking a few minutes to sort through your garbage, you will feel better that you've done your part to be a bit more earth-conscious. These common sense practices can extend to the home as well, where organizing all your recyclable material into a large bin will help to make the process easier.