The proper way to recycle your cellphone

When investing in a new cellphone, oftentimes people throw their old device in a drawer and forget about it. While it may not be harming anyone there, it could be put to better use! According to, mobile phones can contain potentially hazardous waste materials such as lead, mercury and arsenic. Additionally, less than two percent of old cell phones are being recycled today, so it's vital that you bring your old device to the proper place to do your part to help the environment.

Many of the materials that are used to make cellphones will break down when they enter a landfill, which could contaminate the soil and groundwater of a given area. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, around 130 million cellphones are thrown away each year, which could lead to 65,000 tons of toxic waste being introduced needlessly into the environment.

The best course of action when you get a new cellphone is to do your research and find an appropriate place to recycle it. Many mobile retailers will offer to recycle your phone, and there are even some organizations that will allow consumers to send their old phone in the mail. Best of all, recycling your cellphone is also tax deductible, so you'll be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint, and putting a little bit of money in your pocket in the process.

Buying a new cellphone is an exciting time for anyone, but you'll feel much better about your purchase if you dispose of your old phone in the right way. Cellphones are one of the largest burdens on local landfills, so do your part to bring an end to the problem.