Hoboken, New Jersey, streamlines recycling process for residents

Recycling programs all around the country have been looking for ways to make the process easier on residents, and the city of Hoboken, New Jersey, is taking some proactive steps to go green. According to The Jersey Journal, the suburb of New York City has adopted a new recycling process that eliminates the need for consumers to sort out their recyclable material.

"We've done research and seen that this process can increase recycling by 30 percent," Mayor Dawn Zimmer, told the news source.

The new system is called single-stream recycling, where residents can place all paper, plastics, aluminum and glass into the same container. The process of sorting out each material was an annoying part of recycling, and this will ensure that more and more people are disposing of their waste material properly. This will help make recycling easier on the residents of Hoboken by expanding the amount of materials that can be recycled and taking the burden out of the process.

"The hope is to make recycling easier for residents," Zimmer told the news outlet. "By being able to recycle more, less has to be thrown away, which can reduce costs for the city."

The new system is expected to save the city money by reducing trash disposal expenditures and reducing maintenance costs for city cleanup. The process is being handled by Waste Management, and will take care of the sorting and recycling process in its plants.

Many cities, such as Boston, Massachusetts, have used single-stream recycling to encourage recycling and to make the process easier on its residents. The hope for city planners is that the many people that work and live in Hoboken will help to make the city a more green and sustainable environment for the future.