Rubber recycling is one of the many materials that slips through the cracks

While many homeowners may set aside their excess plastic, aluminum cans and other common materials that end up in recycling bins, rubber products are one of the many substances that sometimes get swept under the rug. Whether you have some old tires lying around, hoses or coated fabrics, these products are originally derived from petroleum products and need to be disposed of properly.

Rubber can be recycled to make a host of innovative products, but one that holds the greatest potential is rubber mulch. According to, the product is made from 100 percent scrap tires which is then reduced to unique rubber granules. The product is used to create a low-impact surface for playgrounds, which will help to reduce the risk of injuries and will take a large portion of spent material out of local landfills. You can easily contact a business in your area that manufactures these products, and they will put your recyclable material to good use.

Unless you're trying to recycle tires, oftentimes the easiest way to get rid of scrap rubber is to place it in a recycling bin with plastic, glass, aluminum and other common household products. Instead of throwing away the old material, where it will resist breaking down in a landfill, the best course of action is to leave it to your sanitation company. They will find the best use for these small bits of rubber to ensure that they go to the right place and are reused to make new products.

Rubber and many petroleum products are those that require special attention when they've reached the end of their life cycle. Do your part by finding alternative uses for the products and assuring that your products don't end up in your local landfill.