Aurora Green Fest showcases recycled art and green awareness

The Aurora Green Fest in Oswego , New York, has become a popular event in central New York and features the inspiring work of the students of Fox River Art and Music Academy. The festival will offer a number of art displays and sculptures that are made from recycled materials, and the event planners hope that the exhibition will spread green awareness and show the ingenious artistry that can come from the most basic materials, according to the Daily Herald.

"There's a big movement to make things out of found objects and recycling things into art," Karen Kulzer, the owner of Fox River Art and Music Academy, told the news source. "Especially with young students to look at things and see beauty and art in something that might not seem beautiful at first."

Displays made from recycled materials and using re-purposed items in interior design has become a major fixture in the art world, and the recession has made the style extremely poignant. The students hope that their art will inspire others to take a good hard look at what they're throwing away. For instance, the Green Fest will feature a variety of vendors that will help festival attendees find places to recycle materials such as electronics, Styrofoam, batteries and expired medications.

"The more you keep out of the landfills, the less room those landfills take up," Mavis Bates, festival chairwoman, told the news source. "And the more room there is for open space, more room for nature."

The Green Fest is one of many recycling initiatives throughout the country that is spreading green awareness. Keep an eye out for a green exhibition in your area to support local artists who are making their community beautiful and a bit more sustainable as well.