Aluminum can recycling rate reaches promising levels

In a hopeful sign for sustainability advocates everywhere, the Aluminum Association Manufacturers Insitute (CMI) announced that the recycling rate has reached its highest levels in more than a decade. With 58.1 percent of aluminum cans recycled during 2010, that ratio is more than double of any other beverage container. These cans have been the focus of advertising campaigns over the past few decades, so it's no surprise that the public has caught on to the message.

"We are pleased that the recycling rate has increased from last year - this is a boost for our industry and further evidence that the aluminum beverage can is the best environmental and sustainability packaging option," said Steve Larkin, president of the Aluminum Association. "Of course, we must do more at the federal, state and local levels to enact recycling policies and awareness."

An astounding 56 billion aluminum cans were recycled during 2010, which is credit to the impressive public awareness campaigns that have increased the recycling rate. In addition, it takes 95 percent less energy to manufacture a can from recycled material, which will help reduce carbon emissions and putting less strain on the power grid. Aluminum cans also have the greatest amount of recycled content of any beverage container on the market with a very impressive 68 percent per can.

"Our industry provided a $77 billion boost to the U.S. economy in 2010, protected our environment and helped save energy and natural resources," said Robin Weiner, president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

By ensuring that your aluminum cans and all of your beverage containers are recycled and end up in the proper receptacles, you can ensure that your home will be a bit more green and sustainable for the years to come.