E-waste recycling program helps Vermont citizens free of charge

Electronic waste has become a huge problem for the United States, as the constant influx of new technology tends to make electronic components outdated in a hurry. As a result, these devices may end up in landfills and some of the hazardous materials used to make them can end up in a community's groundwater. Because of this concern, the state of Vermont has approved the "Vermont E-Cycles" program which will provide free and convenient recycling of e-waste to residents, charities, schools and other businesses across the state, according to CommonsNews.org.

The new initiative will require electronics manufacturers to play a significant role in funding the collection and recycling of their products. This is part of a larger movement throughout the country to force electronics companies to see their products throughout their entire lifespan, from manufacturing to the recycling center. This has an added benefit of encouraging companies to use less hazardous materials in these electronics to ease the burden of disposing these chemicals.

With this landmark recycling program, consumers will be able to take their old televisions, computers and other electronic devices to free collection locations across the state of Vermont. In addition, the state also placed a ban on the dumping of many of these products into landfills at the beginning of the year, so some of these products will carry a small surcharge to recycle. But for the residents of Vermont, clearing some space in their houses and doing the right thing for the environment is well worth it.

"Vermont E-Cycles" is a progressive program that is in place to handle one of the largest growing waste streams in the United States. Vermont has now become the 21st state to pass this type of e-waste legislation, so hopefully more areas of the country will follow suit.