TV star Angie Harmon teaches her children about sustainability at a young age

Angie Harmon, the television star of the TNT hit Rizzoli and Isles, has made teaching her kids about sustainability a cornerstone of her parenting, and she believes that these kinds of lessons are what can really make a difference in the future. Her three children, aged 7, 6 and 2, have been learning about recycling and water conservation from a young age, and Harmon contests that this is the kind of progressive parenting that can foster green living habits for a lifetime, according to

"They understand about being kind to our planet," Harmon told the news source. "We recycle all our paper, we have bins for everything, different trash cans for plastic, glass, biodegradable. It's just a way of life now, just a habit."

In addition to teaching her children about water-saving, recycling and proper waste disposal, Harmon also keeps her nursery chock full of eco-friendly baby products and organic cotton sheets that are made from sustainable crops and manufacturing methods. It's this kind of progressive education that can start from a young age that any parent can impart to their children, but it's far easier to get them to understand it if they see their role model in action.

One way to make recycling fun for your children is to take some everyday materials and show them how they can be turned into something useful. Start a garden outside your home and use compost as a fertilizer. Or you can start a craft project by taking a used milk carton and making a bird feeder. If you make recycling a part of your daily lives and make it fun, your kids will be more likely to carry these habits into their adult life where they can really make a difference for the environment.