Eco Bathroom sheds light on importance of water recycling

Michael Passos of Sao Paulo, Brazil, recently came up with an idea for an eco-friendly integrated sink and toilet that can reuse water to cut down on waste by 25 percent. According to, this sort of progressive technology is just one of many simple ways that consumers can try and curb their water usage.

The Eco Bathroom works by using two different water reservoirs - one holds the reusable water that is filtered before reaching the storing area. The other holds six liters of clean water along with the reusable water from the first reservoir. As it is slowly emptied out, the storage area will begin to fill up yet again. This brilliant idea is just one example of how an inventor recognized the need for water recycling from an everyday household object.

Water conservation is going to be a major issue in the coming years, and there are some easy ways that homeowners can cut down on their water usage immediately. For instance, when doing dishes, fill up the sink with water and soap instead of leaving the water running the entire time. In addition, when brushing your teeth or doing anything in the bathroom, keeping the water off will ensure that your water bills are kept low and you're doing the most to help the environment.

Investing in water filters and installing a water cooler in your home is another way to encourage sustainable water usage in your home. There is only so much fresh water in the world, so individuals will have to take proactive steps to curb their usage and increase their sustainability around the house.