Common household items that may be overlooked when taking out the trash

Depending on your area's recycling requirements, there are still plenty of small household items can fall by the wayside due to sheer convenience. Aluminum products, milk bottle tops, barbecue and freezing trays, plastic foil and other small items are usually cast into the trash without a second thought. However, by giving every product in your home that's not biodegradable a second thought, you can do your part to limit the amount of unnecessary waste heading to local landfills.

Of course, you should always check and see what your area's recycling protocol is, but in most single-stream recycling programs, these items are better off in your recycling bin than your trash can. Aluminum products are at the top of the list of common household items that take a bit of extra effort, but belong in a separate receptacle. Whether you're using the product to grill or wrap up your kid's sandwiches, rinsing it off and throwing it into your recycling bin will help remove plenty of needless waste from the environment.

Plastic products are always safe choices for recycling, but it's the overlooked items that tend to build up quickly. Plastic wrapping on the outside of food products, consumer products and even small plastic bottle caps are items that are thoughtlessly placed in the trash. Additionally, paper products, such as envelopes, can be placed in the same stack as your newspapers or magazines or placed directly into a recycling bin.

By thinking twice each time you throw something in the garbage, you can practice sustainability and a green lifestyle every day. With a bit of extra effort, you can decrease your waste levels and reduce your impact on the environment.