Music festival looking for ways to recycle and go green

A music festival, in many ways, provides a venue, for both bands and fans to interact and collaborate with one another. However, a huge crowd means a lot of trash gets produced, from the food and drinks to other knickknacks that get left behind. This is why upcoming concert venues are thinking of newer, more improved ways to lessen the amount of waste produced and providing concertgoers reason to recycle.

For the seventh year, Lollapalooza has been the go-to festival for Chicago residents and visitors alike. This year for instance, big names like Eminem, Foo Fighters and Coldplay are on the lineup, and this means a lot of people will be jamming to their favorite tunes at Grant Park. According to the Chicago Tribune, the show is expected to attract about 270,000 people and for them to produce nearly 200 tons of trash.

One of the organizers' main goal this year is to curb the amount of waste that ends up in the area dumps. The news source explains that concertgoers will be encouraged to separate their trash - food waste, for instance, will have a separate container so that it can be composted. They've even hired more than 200 volunteers to monitor the trash bins to ensure that people are using them appropriately.

"They have done a fairly good job, but generally speaking, any event can do more to be green," Chicago Park District director of green initiatives Brendan Daley told the news source.

With 700 waste bins and recycling containers for the event, everyone will hopefully not only enjoy their time at Lollapalooza but also take the time to recycle and go green.