Ontario recycling program reuses 25 millionth tire

The Ontario Tire Stewardship has revolutionized the way that the Canadian province disposes of spent tires, and the organization's Used Tires Program has become a modern day recycling success story. Since the program launched in 2009, the organization is happy to announce that it has recycled its 25 millionth tire and is working toward its goal of a 100 percent recycling rate throughout the province.

"OTS has made it a priority to invest in a more sustainable Ontario, and we've had great success in reducing tire waste across the province," said executive director Andrew Horsman. "We have reached the 25 millionth tire far ahead of schedule. This milestone is a great coup for our dedicated staff, stakeholders and communities across Ontario."

To organize the program, OTS gathered together a group of tire retailers, haulers, trash processors, collectors and other organizations that could work hand-in-hand to oversee tires throughout their life cycles. Not only has the new program reduced tire waste throughout the process, but it has added jobs to the recycling and tire manufacturing industry and the first year alone saw an unprecedented $23 million invested into the province's tire market.

These programs are a great step forward for the tire industry, but consumers will need to take the extra step if there is not a similar program in their area. Consult local auto dealers, mechanic's shops and recycling centers to see if you can help to divert your used tires from the local landfills. Anything that you can do to help these petroleum products from breaking down in your local environment will help to make your community a bit greener and ensure that you are practicing sustainability in your everyday life.