RadioShack reaches significant milestone in rechargeable battery recycling program

With the wide selection of cell phones, PDAs and other electronic devices that use rechargeable batteries, consumers may wonder where they can take these products when they've reached the end of their lifespan. After all, most people will go through at least two of these batteries while owning a cell phone, and throwing it into your everyday recycling bin may not be the best solution. RadioShack has aimed to solve this problem and is now the first retailer in the United States to recycle nearly 5 million pounds of rechargeable batteries since partnering with Call2Recycle, the largest battery recycling organization in the country.

"Consumers have come to expect recycling options for materials they use or discard. RadioShack was one of the first national retailers to offer this service starting in 1994, and two years later in partnership with Call2Recycle," said John Ripperton, senior vice president for supply chain management for RadioShack. "We're proud that we can divert such a large volume of batteries and broken-down material from the waste stream, conveniently and at no cost to our customers."

RadioShack's partnership with Call2Recycle has drastically improved its efforts to recycle old cell phone batteries and other electronic devices. Not only has the organization set up programs at most of RadioShack's retail locations, but it also has a network of 30,000 recycling drop-off locations that can handle cell phone and battery recycling. The recycled products are then broken down and none of the materials ever enter the waste stream, ensuring a sustainable end for these electronics. With the large amount of old electronics that are constantly being replaced by new and better devices, there was a great need for a company like this to step in a fill the void.