Recycling old electronics could help out a school in your area

Schools around the country have been some of the worst hit areas of a lackluster economy, but one recycling company is looking to take advantage of a community's spent materials and put money back into local education. FundingFactory is a pioneering recycling company that has offered fundraising through recycling since 1996, and has partnered with more than 50,000 schools and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. FundingFactory has provided an invaluable service for local businesses to recycle their old electronics and convert those savings into money for area schools, according to

"Times are tough everywhere," Sean Michaels, president of FundingFactory, told the news source. "Our program gives the private sector an opportunity to take sustainable action and help nonprofit organizations fill budget gaps without having to spend a dime."

FundingFactory's system is actually quite simple and cost-effective for businesses of any size. FundingFactory provides pre-paid boxes that companies can fill with spent printer cartridges and other small electronics and the sender can choose a nonprofit organization that can accrue recycling points. As a business sends away its old materials, these points add up and can be converted to cash.

One of FundingFactory's success stories was the Elk County Catholic School System in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. Since 1999, local businesses have donated more than $25,000 in partnership with the recycling company. It's a win-win for companies who have electronics to spare and no place to correctly dispose of them.

Initiatives like these show the potential of private recycling businesses and how they can convert unusable materials into funding for local nonprofits. Best of all, these products are disposed of responsibly and ensure that businesses can do everything they can to preach sustainability and create a greener community.