Planet Green recycling program donates $40 million to schools and non-profit groups

Planet Green, a leader of wholesale re-manufactured inkjet cartridges in Chatsworth, California, has raised more than $40 million through its "Fundraise for Recycling" program, which it donates to schools, community organizations and non-profits nationwide.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that fundraising has been suffering lately due to the tough economy because more Americans are leaving charity funds out of their budgets. Planet Green, however, has been able to turn recycling into more than just a gift for the environment. The company pays for the collection of "E-waste" items sent to its facility, which includes empty ink cartridges, toners, cell phones and other small electronics.

By establishing schools and organizations as "EnviroPartners," the company pays cash when they donate their old electronics and empty print cartridges. Planet Green provides its EnviroPartners with everything they need to spread the world about the program, collect the recyclables and raise funds. They even pay for the recycled items to be shipped to them.

According to the news source, electronic waste is one of the biggest threats to the environment because electronics take a long time to break down naturally in landfills. They also contain toxic substances like lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, which are dangerous to the public. Recycling these goods not only prevents this pollution, but it helps to conserve our natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If your school, club, religious group or nonprofit business is in need of funds and would like to help the environment, it's free to sign up as one of Planet Green's EnviroPartners. Just visit their website!