Refining your office's recycling program

Many offices have a recycling program in place to help to cut down on waste, but even projects that start off with the best intentions can soon fall by the wayside without enforcement. If you've noticed that your co-workers aren't doing everything they can to avoid unnecessary trash, there is something you can do about it. According to, putting yourself out there to streamline your office's recycling program could earn you the respect of your employers and the satisfaction that you've made a sustainable difference in your workplace.

First off, you'll need to talk to management about the best way to implement your recycling program or alter the one that is currently in use. They will probably expect you to hire a recycling coordinator, a position that you could share with a group of other interested recyclers. You should then take a good hard look at what is ending up in the trash and methods you can use to convert waste into recyclables.

A small work meeting to explain your findings could be a great way to put sustainability on people's minds. A single-stream recycling program is best, but you should still highlight some of the materials that may continue to end up in the trash. Everything from instant coffee containers, plastic cups, scrap paper, old newspapers and other small bits of waste are items that you should mention to help co-workers think twice before they load up the trash bin.

If you've noticed that your workplace is too wasteful for your tastes, it's time to do something about it! Creating a green office requires the know-how and support of your fellow workers, and that can only be achieved by spreading a message of sustainability and encouraging them to do the right thing.